Born in 1982 on a small island in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture.

He has been working as a graffiti writer under the name "YENone" since he was a high school student.

After graduating from high school, I was based in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, and continued to do outsider art with a spray can in hand while working at design offices and shot bars.
livepaint at club BIBROS
Live painting by EWC
EWC is probably the first graffiti crew in Ehime.
I think it started with GRAB and me in Hojo City.
The first time I did live painting with these guys was at Club BIBROS.
At the event of reggae crew "DanceJackAround".

GRAFFITI, Yanai-cho, Matsuyama City
Live painting at a shopping street in Yanaimachi, Matsuyama City.
Regal wall.
I was invited to paint by the people in the shopping street.
I painted a Buddha arranged with Powell's logo, a life-sized rhinoceros.
The base color was silver, so it looked cool reflecting the setting sun.

In 2007, after walking the Shikoku pilgrimage in the wild for four months and running out of money, I returned to the island to work as a painter at a shipyard, and when I had enough money, I took a month off to backpack around Asia.( From there, I turned around and started my own design and illustration firm, but I realized that I wasn't really cut out for client work, so I closed the store after about four years.

At the age of 34, I got married to my girlfriend of 14 years, became a salaried worker, built a house, and stopped drawing in the midst of my hectic life. When I was finally getting used to my work, I had some spare time at Corona and started woodblock printing, but it didn't go well at all. Then I got more and more into it, and here I am now.

My name comes from "YEN", the third song on THA BLUE HERB's album "Still Dreaming, Still Dreaming".

"Two horizontal lines across the Y of the alphabet, showing the basics of business transactions."

I was a high school student when I saw these lyrics, cool! so I decided to change the name of my graffiti writer to  ”YEN one".
At the time, people would ask me.
I'd say, "It's a name that works all over the world," or "I hope my pictures are worth at least one yen.
But that's really about it.
The "one" after "yen" means "number one" or "only one," and graffiti writers of the time often added "one" to the end of their names.
As time went by, the "one" naturally disappeared, and now only "YEN" is used.


This logo was designed when we opened our web store. The Japanese flag is placed inside the Chinese character YEN, which resembles a torii gate.
Types of "horns" that make up a family crest

YEN mark


The YEN mark in the painting is my art and vandalism, which has been going on since I was writing graffiti (
It's a kind of masturbation, where I put this vulgar symbol in my painting and feel pleasure at the moment it destroys my painting.
I may or may not include them depending on my mood.

Incidentally, it goes without saying that these explanations were added after the fact.

My motto is, take it seriously! It's not a job! by Tamori

I can only hope that there are people who are interested in woodblock prints made by such a clumsy artist.

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